This person must be in your Contacts Book, but does not necessarily have to have a Portfolio Manager account.
  • Property Manager is an outside organization that you have hired to manage your facility operations. However, you should always go back and enter the actual values for your property to obtain the most accurate score. The Property Data Administrator is the person who owns the account where the property was initially entered. ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager uses a 1-100 ENERGY STAR score: a score of 50 indicates median energy performance while a score of 75 or more indicates top performance. There are 12 possible Year Ending Dates in each calendar year (Jan 31, Feb 28, Mar 31, etc). Green power sources in Portfolio Manager include solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal energy, geothermal energy, landfill gas, low-impact hydropower, and wind turbines.
  • Do not include in GFA: exterior spaces, balconies, patios, exterior loading docks, driveways, covered walkways, outdoor play courts (tennis, basketball, etc.
  • Boston Energy Reporting ID Of course, no one person can coax an entire organization to implement energy-saving policies and procedures. Energy use associated with outside areas such as vehicle parking and gas filling areas should be included with the total energy use for the building(s), but the square footage associated with these outdoor areas should not be included in the Gross Floor Area. Movie theater refers to buildings used for public or private film screenings. Therefore, properties located in other countries will be compared to the US national population, by default. The Statement of Energy Design Intent (SEDI) is a report that provides an overview of your design metrics.
    • Yes - A meter(s) includes estimated usage.
    • No - There are no estimated meter entries.
    . Need Answers Fast? If you are sharing a property with multiple meters, you can even select different permissions for each meter. An organization which provides water and/or power, such as electricity or natural gas, to customers. These IDs are associated with local legislation, national campaigns, or other large benchmarking activities. Number of Commercial Refrigeration/Freezer Units, Number of Commercial Refrigeration/Freezer Units is the total Number of Open or Closed Refrigeration/Freezer Units and the total Number of Walk-in Refrigeration/Freezer Units.